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Hawk helium kick out


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May 19, 2019
I experienced this with my full length heliums. The attachment point on the stick is so high that there is little pressure holding the bottom stand-off to the tree. Using accessory cord rope mod dramatized the kick out. You can’t really lower the attachment point due to the middle step being in the way. Moving the attachment point below the middle step would make the top stand off loose—which is a definite no no.
Therefore, the options would be to use a very tight attachment method (can buckles, etc.), cut the sticks down so that the lower standoff is closer to the attachment point, or buy new sticks.

FWIW, my cut down lw sticks have never kicked out, and I use the buckleless method. It grips so hard I can’t even budge them, and once set, I usually have to yank them out of the bark after removing the strap.