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Howdy from Oregon but soon to be Georgia


New Member
Jun 7, 2021
SE Georgia
Welcome from NE Georgia! I was in the Corps as well, 8 years time in service. I left Northern California almost 4 years ago. I never hunted out of a tree either until I moved here. Second nature now and love it! I got into the saddle hunting gig at the end of last season and loved it. Anxiously await this year. More than welcome to message me on any Georgia hunting information. Semper Fi brother!
Will do! Semper Fi!


Well-Known Member
SH Member
May 4, 2020
Welcome from rural NW MO! The best advice I have is to practice climbing/setting up in the dark before season


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Aug 21, 2020
There a guy on archerytalk boonerbrad that selling XOP cast seat for $45. He also threw in a padded seat to me for free. I can send you a 1 inch 6061 aluminum post. Find 2 stand off, and a strap. You can get a great platform for cheap. Look for videos. Its old school but super solid.