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Latitude Outdoors 25% off


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Jul 28, 2018
Midlothian, VA
Code “thefallpodcast” gets you 25% off entire order.

and go listen to the “one giant mistake” episode on thefallpodcast for an absolutely heart breaking story.

“Today's podcast is about a free ranging whitetail buck that cost a guy $28,000. Today's guest is Jared Bigler and we talk about his chase for this world class deer he never knew existed until he made one GIANT mistake. After hearing this story I know realize how much a world class whitetail can change your life in a matter of moments. Throughout this pursue Jared quit his job, lost two best friends and a girlfriend. This story is one for the books and you wont want to miss it. Enjoy!”
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good thing, otherwise us pre-orderers woudl be mad lol. seems liek they're clearing accessory inventory, i wonder if they're switching suppliers or something

It works on Amsteel Daisy Chains that are up for pre-order right now.
Only thing I’ve found that the code works on is the Classic Saddle. I guess at least out of anything I’m interested in.