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Moutrie game cameras...SUCK


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Feb 4, 2019
I’ve had two Non cell Moultries that have been hammering out pics for 5 years now. zero problems. I had one though that worked great for 2 years then just out of the blue started taking nothing but black pics. Right in the middle of a “card pull”. Was looking at the pics and then boom all black pics. Changed cards several times over a month or so and nothing but black pics from that moment forward. Chunked it in the trash. Have a $40 wild game that’s been putting out great pics for 3 years. Just got one of the SPYPOINT micro cells and fingers crossed it’s been working great for 2 months. I think like somebody else said earlier, all the brands have problems. It sucks that they’re so all over the place.


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Jun 18, 2018
Erie County, PA
You guys are taking cameras with relatively complex electronics attached, that are exposed to the weather, that were all built for probably $10 in parts by some little chinese kid who could give half a crap if it leaks or not because he just made $0.50 today. If you didn't build the camera yourself, it's a complete crap shoot.