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My challenge to you


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Feb 19, 2014
I challenge you to not buy a new piece of gear this season. More likely than not you have equipment that is better than you had even 5 years ago and more than good enough to help you kill whitetails.

In place of new gear purchases I propose you spend an extra XX number of days in the woods this post season scouting. This will bring you more success next fall than your next purchase.

*Replacement items like arrows, broadheads, strings, new boots for the ones that leak are permitted, etc.

Best of luck!
I haven’t bought crap since November…I spent enough in November on a new bow setup I don’t need to spend anything else. I also spend a lot of time chasing my buddies skwrel dog around the woods in late season, and with turkey season around the corner I’ll spend a bunch more time looking at travel routes, old rub lines, etc. When you average 8 miles a day looking for a workable turkey you tend to find a lot of sign.

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Someone must be really satisfied with the Sladder…

Lol. I used it once in the woods. I need to practice with it more in the offseason to see if I can get comfortable with it. It still may find a place in my system but I don’t see myself giving up my stepps. They’re too adaptable.