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New to Traditional & Enjoying it.


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Dec 20, 2015
Muskingum County, Ohio
Sounds like some very cool stuff you have there.
Have you ever messed around with atlatls? I read some articles about guys hunting pigs with them. Intriguing.
I have one throw under my belt. I know a couple guys really into it. I would like to learn to throw with a sling. That would be a cool way to hunt small game.


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Aug 27, 2020
Can’t get enough of shooting this thing.

I currently have targets set up at 15,20, and 25 yards in my back yard that I’ve been shooting every night.
Spending some time at the 3D range as well.

Shooting off the shelf, but looking at tinkering with some flipper/springy rests and maybe a plunger.

Here was one of my first groups at 20 tonight.
Feels pretty cool to do it with a trad bow, but not really that cheap lol.

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