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Nostalgic first saddle kill


New Member
Nov 3, 2020
Central Missouri
I got interested in saddles over the summer. Knew of them years ago, just never gave it a second thought. When I made my decision to go for it, I bought a Tethrd Phantom and love it. But shortly after I got it, I found out my brother in law had an old Anderson he got from my dad when I was still pretty young. He never used it and gave it to me. Thanks to the knowledge of guys here, I revamped it with a belt, linemans loops, new bridge, and other upgrades. After 4 hunts in it, I killed one of my biggest bow bucks ever. All that said, thank you to the guys who pioneer saddles everyday, and to my dad who past away a few years ago,20201101_194712.jpg for thinking outside the box and teaching me everything I know!

Red Beard

Well-Known Member
SH Member
Mar 3, 2019
In my skin
That's a heck of a memory man! Congratulations on your buck and the legacy your Dad left behind with you!


Jan 2, 2020
nice buck! I'm really impressed that you got set up close to buck bedding while being new to saddlehunting. I'm still a loud ****-show getting set up, or I have to go super duper slow if i want to be quiet-ish. Nicely done!