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Rules Refresher

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Feb 19, 2014
I am very disappointed with the behavior on here lately. I am tired of the bickering and personal attacks on other users. This is my site and all members will be held to the expectations of behavior that I hold myself to. This is not archerytalk or facebook. If you want to bicker and attack each other go do it over there or anywhere other than here.
Please review the rules as posted in this thread: https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/saddlehunter-com-rules.7264/
They are very straightforward and not hard to follow. Excluding rules 1 and 2 you can talk about anything you want on here but you must do it in a respectful manner. Going forward for those breaking rule number 3 I will be assigning bancations. The length will be determine by my judgement along with my moderators following rule number 4.

Thank you.
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