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    What size waist will it fit?
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    How many people actually use a bino chest rig?

    Don't know if there is a difference between a harness and chest rig but Ive been using a binoculars harness long since before I got married so that's at least 25-30 years. I use two Cabelas branded binoculars harnesses that are stamped "MADE IN USA" to give you some idea just how old both...
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    Turkey vest worth a look

    Got the vest today but as I am on my midnights rotation didn't have enough time to give it as complete of a going over and evaluation as I will need to as I needed to get some sleep. Initial impressions is its very well made and well laid out in terms of pockets and location of pockets and how...
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    New unused Bohning Tower Fletching jig

    I have a unused 100% as new in box Bohning Tower Fletching jig. $45 TYD USPS MO as payment PM if interested.
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    NIB & LNIB release aids

    I have the fallowing release aids for sale. All are like new in box in perfect condition. All prices are TYD will accept only USPS MO as payment. Two Scott duel caliper grip release aids with factory containers. First one is 100% unused NIB Second one I fitted it with a DIY adjustable/removable...
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    Turkey vest worth a look

    Still awaiting its arrival will post my thoughts when I get it
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    Darwin Award tree stands

    Hunted out of treestands when ever possible never lower than 14 screw in steps high or at least 22' to my stand platform Never used any FAS for the first 12-15 seasons Never had so much as a close call UNTIL....... I was set up in an absolutely huge multi trunked shag bark hickory stand was...
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    Turkey vest worth a look

    Found this vest that had 4.7/5 stars after 93 reviews at Amazon. If you order it from the TideWe website and use discount code SUB10 it's $90 TYD Looks pretty well made and in my opinion as well laid out as any other vest I have looked at. Comes in two different camo patterns as well as a...
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    Just an update Was in my local Cabelas and once again they only had Federal TSS and 12ga 3.5" #7 and #9 shot were $65 a box of 5 or $13 a shell Had to give two boxs of my 12ga 3.5" Winchester Long Beard XR's to my friend for him and his sons upcoming WI turkey hunt as between them they were...
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    Turkey Talk

    With the effective range and lethality of the latest turkey shells I have a very real fear far more for my sons than myself of getting shot. When on public land if Im set up for anything longer than a few minutes I secure a piece of blaze orange vest over a branch as close to where my son or...
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    Knot tying book for saddle hunters

    Thanks a great deal for all the suggestions Smcchevy I will order that book you suggested I am huge believer in books and have quite the library of reference materials as books and manuals is how I teach myself. I am about 90% self taught on most things including my job as an industrial...
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    Knot tying book for saddle hunters

    Thank you for the suggestion of using YouTube as I have learned a great many things and gotten myself out if many a jam by fixing things by way of YouTube videos. The only reason I considered a book is I felt a book would be less likely to teach me something unsafe than a video
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    Knot tying book for saddle hunters

    Looking for expert experience based advice here on which knot tying book I should buy would serve to best educate a beginner novice saddle hunter on which knots to use for a given purpose or application as it applies to saddle hunting. Looking for a book that will educate me on which knots to...
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    Gender Dysphoria

    Wow that is an incredible sight to behold indeed Been turkey hunting 33 years Seen hens attack huge Toms Seen Toms and hens attack deer Seen a Tom attack a cow Seen Toms and Jake breed hens Once saw two separate gangs of over 50 each of Toms during the second week of November spend about 10...