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Recent content by GMJ

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    New Cruzr XC bridge prusik damaged?

    Looks like just the ends are sticking out. Look like 2 different diameters on there where the frayed spots are. I don’t think any big issue there. But you could call cruzr
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    One sticking. Do you use separate tethers?

    I also climb with separate tether then use rappel rope for coming down. Not that much weight difference having a separate tether.
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    Hello from FL

    Welcome from South Carolina
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome from SC. Been there and done that with the climber.
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    New to SH from NW Florida!

    Welcome from SC
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    I will be 64 in October and I do it.
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    New from SC

    Welcome from SC
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    Cruzr going Retail

    Jeffery archery in Columbia SC is carrying Latitude saddles and accessories now.
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    New guy from SC

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    New guy from SC

    Welcome from SC
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    Newbie question - best connection point for tree tether

    Tether around tree unless you like flirting with disaster.
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    Older guys

    I’m 63 started using one stick and rappelling this past season.
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    **Urgent** Is this Safe?

    Not an expert but looks ok to me. Just the tag end showing
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    Backup for Mechanical belay device?

    Just starting to one stick and rappel, currently using a tether to get up and then swapping to rappel rope to come down. If I use a Beal Birdie or GriGri would an auto block attached to the saddle be sufficient back up for it. Thanks in advance.
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    Saddlepalooza '22

    Definitely interested also. Where does a person find out the details?