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Recent content by HH76

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    Arctic shield boot covers

    Same for me, hand warmers outside of the boot, on top of my toes. Heats up the leather enough that you can press your toes up against the top and feel the heat. I used to wrap my boots and warmers in an old sweatshirt, now I use the Arctic shields. In my opinion, the Arctic shields make a lot...
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    Hot hands custom pocket idea....

    I've been tinkering around with the same thing, only for on my upper arms. I used to joke around about getting a fishnet shirt that had little pockets over every square inch. Fill pockets as needed.
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    Warm boots?

    Insulated boot blankets. I've tried using huge, super insulated boots, and have never found any that kept my feet warm. I would carry them in, change my socks, then put them on, still got cold feet. I would stuff them with every toe warmer invented, still cold feet. Now, I wear in...
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    Wild Edge shipping status

    That's a little disappointing. I ordered steps alone and they are supposed to arrive in the 16th week. I guess they are prioritizing base on the perch order? Not a great model, in my opinion.
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    2 or more deer in a year?

    I haven't shot a deer in 3 years. Young kids take up a lot of time, and where I enjoy hunting, there aren't a lot of deer. For a few years, there were no doe permits issued, so that put the limit at two deer (one archery, one gun). Not every Hunter hunts both seasons.
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    Wild Edge shipping

    I emailed last week and got a quick response. They are running behind, but at least they are responsive. I'd suggest contact them directly about your order. I ordered in the end of Feb, and should be shipped the first week of June. 14 weeks.
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    Brad Kuhnert - hunting from a saddle in the mid 1980s

    Another new saddle coming? From lone wolf custom, at the bottom of the platform description: "Coming Soon - Brad's patented harness."
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    Wild Edge Shipping Update

    Feb 28, nothing yet. I'm confident it will get here soon, no reason to be in a hurry.
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    Whats the price of the WildedgePerch?

    I'd assume they would be laser cutting the sheet stock into strips with the traction grooves, rather than starting with strips and milling the grooves. Then they form and weld the final product.
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    Leaving gear at base of tree

    When I carry my big pack, I usually stash it a fair distance before I get to my tree. Far enough away, and in a spot where I'm not worrying about scent, but close enough that I can get to it if I need it. Word of advice, mark it's location so you can find it in the dark. Anything that I bring...
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    Calling All Cold Weather Saddle Hunters - Designing a Garment for Us!

    I wonder if this company would make that pullover? I know they will add pockets wherever you'd like. graywolfwoolens