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Recent content by mattsteg

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    Oval Quick Link - Why Is It Safe?

    I have not noticed any abnormal wear.
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    Oval Quick Link - Why Is It Safe?

    The 5mm ones from camp are rated to 25kn. They're not CE certified...but that's almost certaibly because you can't accomodate the CE-defined test mechanism (it wouldn't fit). I use one with oplux and it just barely fits. Also castration band works perfect to keep it in position (be sure to...
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    No Sticking Thread

    We should. It'd be a gamechanger.
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    Darwin Award tree stands

    My grandfather nearly died (broken pelvis, nearly impaled) falling out of a homemade stand. (Nothing failed on the stand...not really clear how he fell). Of course that didn't stop us from putting up plenty of borderline sketchy stands that require significant acrobatics to get to.
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    Ewo or carbon ninjas?

    I don't really use sticks much, but I'll put the bottom step as high as 42 in and space 24 in between sticks, plus 24 in to platform/ROS. for 4 20-in sticks that would come to 18 ft. I can't imagine many people stretching out much more than that. Full length sticks would easily make it, though.
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    Ewo or carbon ninjas?

    That seems about right, without really stretching out.
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    Is Ashby's #1 goal flawed?

    If you hit in the right place there's a really wide range of what gets the job done. If you screw up the shot, there's a narrower range of what works - there are impact locations that a flapper will lead to kill and recovery and an Ashby-style arrow won't, and vice-versa. Without a doubt you...
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    Gear Testing Exchange

    Or guys that are too lazy to sell the stuff they they tried for like 5 minutes or 2 hunts and didn't like.
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    Let's see them small boats!!

    That smells like BS. But that's only because it was really the ski doo that was originally the ski dog.
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    Tethrd One Climbing Sticks

    For argument's sake, "being heard" is the first step in impacting behavior. I also feel like things would be a bit different if this wasn't a repeat performance.
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    Tethrd One Climbing Sticks

    At some point you have a warehouse full of sticks that aren't up to your marketing. There are no easy choices at that point, and the right ones are painful.
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    Tethrd One Climbing Sticks

    Someone could start another one, or reach out to Tethrd to see if they're up for a Q/A. It's a tough situation. The sticks appear well-designed, with "redundant" safety features (i.e. the pin saving butts when the glue breaks), a design that enforces favorable loading orientation on fasteners...
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    Tethrd phantom comfort channel wear

    Would you prefer a discomfort-ball saddle with castration bands??
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    Tethrd One Climbing Sticks

    That's the big issue, isn't it. The stick looks like it's going to frequently bear your weight in a manner that it was initially claimed by Tethrd to not be designed to do. They should have sold the adhesive as a feature for silence, but the rollpin as structural (and designed accordingly)...
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    Tethrd One Climbing Sticks

    Tethrd claims grade 9 Ti alloy (550MPa) So more in the neighborhood of twice as thick. But there are still many more factors involved...