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Recent content by stone1

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    ISO: LWCG Ambush (latest version)

    Just buy one off LWCG , they are shipping next day. Use promo code PODCAST
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    please close

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    Please close

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    Please close

    BUMP.... price drop 400tyd
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    Please close

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    please close

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    please close

    Size 1 kestrel flex (previous version) in broadside. Has adjustable amsteel bridge.$200tyd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please close

    4 LWCG compacts. Includes 4 of their buckles and original packaging $400tyd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone have a aerohunter or tethrd recliner for sale

    Looking for 2 recliners. Either aerohunter or tethrd preferably. Thanks.
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    Latitude Method for Cruzr XC size 2

    I've got a brand new buckleless method, looking to trade for a cruzr xc size 2. Preferably new as the method is brand new. Thanks.
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    Aero Hunter Merlin

    I got a merlin and New flex in the mail today. I'm gonna be honest. I've liked Aero hunter in the past. Incredible quality, good people. These new designs are not good. The bridge loops are not flat where they tie into the saddle, this leads to them digging into your legs. If you're built like a...
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    its the 2nd best platform I’ve used. First is the assassin with a ewo offset bracket.
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    Boot squeaking on painted gear.

    Yes, I have two of the same platforms. The standard cast is fine, the painted one squeaks badly.
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    Boot squeaking on painted gear.

    Hey guys, I'm usually not one to paint my gear, I decided to do it on a platform and it looks great. But with wet boots, I'm getting some good squeaks. Is there anything I can apply or use to get rid of the squeaking? Or am I better off just stripping the paint?