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Recent content by Tjraley2

  1. Tjraley2

    How Do You Get the Seeds Out of Your Milkweed?

    Just keep it in the pod and wrap a rubber band around it. Works like a charm. Just slide the rubber band as needed. And I prefer to scatter the seed as well. Least we can do for the ol butterflies and other pollinators that keep habitat diverse.
  2. Tjraley2

    2 Great Hunting Cameras For Sale Nikon & Sony

    Interested in selling one or both of the lenses separately?
  3. Tjraley2

    New tethrd menace bridge

    Totally normal. And what you see coming out is likely just the bury of the splice.
  4. Tjraley2

    Show Me Your Scored Buck

    Net vs gross is the reason I prefer the buckmasters scoring system. I get what the other records are trying to do with symmetry. But I don’t believe animals should be penalized for irregular or asymmetrical growth. Give em credit for every inch!
  5. Tjraley2

    Found buck sign, what should I do?

    I’d hit it ASAP. I don’t think you boogered up too much by going in once. Especially if the season isn’t open and they have been pressured yet. If you can get in out of sight/sound/smell of where you think. They’re bedded, I’d hit it all day on the opener. I’ve noticed I get a TON of mid day...
  6. Tjraley2

    Podcast episode with JCLINE84 talking Overwatch Outdoors and the Transformer Saddle

    Thanks man! I’ve got a couple more I’m really excited about. Recorded with Mark Kenyon a few weeks back and, rumor has it, I may or may not be recording with a big buck serial killer tonight!
  7. Tjraley2

    Show Me Your Scored Buck

    4/10. Underscored each one I missed. Also from the “so far south it’s practically Florida” area of Alabama.
  8. Tjraley2

    (HELP) get body odor off hunting clothes

    I’m not sure about the carbon suit, though I think scentlok marketed ozone as a way of reactivating their clothing for a while. As for ozone, I do think deer smell it. But I think 1)it’s volatile and this dissipates really quickly and 2) I don’t think it’s an odor that triggers a fear response...
  9. Tjraley2

    Zeal Team 1 team room

    Nice work!!!
  10. Tjraley2

    Linesman rope coming down

    I was in the same boat! I was close to getting rid of it on the way down. Then one cold November morning I missed a step after a long week rut hunting. I fell off the stick at about 15 feet and my lineman’s belt caught me. I fell into my stick and it roughed me up a bit and scraped my belly and...
  11. Tjraley2

    New saddle hunter sticks question

    One option I use when I’m not 1 sticking is a 5 step aider on the bottoms stick. That gets my first stick mounted as high as I can possibly reach. Then I use a one step aider on stick 2 and no aider for stick 3. Not sure how high I get exactly, but it’s plenty high enough for me. Also, if...
  12. Tjraley2

    The First “Is He Dead?” Of 2021

    I think there’s a chance he’ll bleed out from that hit. There is an artery that runs through just a little above c3 on the grid, and lots of blood vessels and such in front of all the “good stuff”.
  13. Tjraley2

    Zeal Team 1 team room

    Heck yeah! Going in after a big 9 tomorrow evening. Also have a bachelor group of two year olds in the same area. It’s a highly pressured small public piece, so anything that comes in gets an arrow sent its way.
  14. Tjraley2

    Bama SOA

    Yeah I’m just a short drive away in Wisconsin, so imma need you to get me in on the action.
  15. Tjraley2

    Bama SOA

    Also feels more like the “Alabama hunting experience” :tearsofjoy: