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Recent content by vabwhntr

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    Anyone in Georgia want to go Elk Hunt?

    There is nothing like it. The only way I can describe it is like turkey hunting on steroids. I went to Idaho last fall. I had the time of my life. It was guided and I learned real quick that you dont need a guide to do it. Its not easy but you can go many times for what one guided hunt costs. I...
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    Who here has killed an elk?

    How did the trip go?
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    Let’s Talk About Smokers

    What makes you say that the pellet grills are not made for smoking?
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    Help me find a job

    If you are the academic advisor then shouldn't you be the one giving others advice on what to do?? If its an online university then why couldnt you work from home? I love to hunt just as much as anybody but you also have to think about your future and possibly kids futures. Good health insurance...
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    Let’s Talk About Smokers

    Grilla Grills Silverbac Alpha pellet grill. Its built like a tank and has a 4 year warranty. Customer service people were great when I was ordering it. So far I have cooked steaks, pizza, wings, and jerky on it. They have all come out great. It has the dual controller on it for steady temps, or...
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    Stihl 310. Its probably 17 years old now and still runs great. I dont think stihl can be beat.
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    Upgrade your Tethrd Mantis into a Tethrd Phantom (Amsteel prussik bridge)

    I bought 2 tri glides and some webbing from DanO. I'm gonna try that to see how the adjustable bridge works for me.
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    Making sausage

    Do you mean 165? Did you add any fat or pork to them?
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    Making sausage

    I have a pellet smoker that is going to be here tomorrow. I am planning on making some snack sticks soon. How did you cook yours? What seasonings did you use? I'll probably go with some from Hi Mountain.
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    First Lite Merino base layers

    I used the first lite this year for an elk hunt in Sept in Idaho. Works great. I also bought a pair of the Kuiu zip off's. The zip off's have been awesome just for the convenience of not having to take outer pants and boots off and on. I highly recommend the first lite shirts with the kuiu bottoms.
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    Pro Staff Announcement

    I'm sure auto correct will get blamed:rolleyes:
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    Front Shoulders - What Do You Do With Them?

    Check out the bearded butchers on youtube. They get a steak out of it and grind the rest. I just grind all mine into burger.
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    Webbing or amsteel?

    Why do you use a caribiner on one side? Couldnt 2 triglides be used with no caribiner? I am looking at trying the webbing and triglides since I just have the fixed 30 inch bride on my mantis.
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    Mystery Ranch Pop Up 28

    Do they make a child seat accessory that can be placed where the meat shelf is?? LOL. If they did I would buy one in a second. DSS would probably frown upon me using bungee cords or ratchet straps to keep my kid in. :flushed::fearscream::tearsofjoy:
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    Humble pie

    Look at the bright side. Your trail camera already has a picture of the big buck on Dec 22. You know where he will be. Go shoot him. LOL:grimacing: