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tree saddle

  1. C_Smith

    Green's Tree Saddle by Trophyline with Camouflage Bag

    FOR SALE: Green's Tree Saddle by Trophyline Leather Saddle Built-in Linesman Belt Original Tether Suspenders Carry Bag Built-in dump/cargo pouches. Size Large. Good condition. As pictured. $175 OBO + S&H. Please PM me. Sales only in the contiguous 48 States.
  2. PadreDan

    SOLD! Trophyline Tree saddle for sale

    2007 leather Trophyline tree saddle. Size: medium. Good condition. Lightly used. Includes the leather saddle, Trophyline's linemen's belt and tree strap. Asking $150 obo. Will ship to lower 48. Will accept Paypal. Thanks for looking. - Dan
  3. kidneystones_3000

    Areo hunter kestral tree saddle Size 2 Plus Aero Hunter Lineman's Belt and Aero Hunter Tree Strap $300.00 Package Deal

    I tried the tree saddle on it did not fit me never took it hunting, i have 2 tree saddles. the line belt and tetherd are used from last year . PayPal TYD plus shipping Lower 48 package Deal. I have a ectomorph body type and take in my waist size for jeans is between 34 to 36 inches just give...
  4. ShawnE

    SOLD Please Close - Tethrd Predator Platform

    I am selling a like new, never hunted with Tethrd Predator tree saddle hunting platform. Only reason I am selling it is because I bought it with a saddle package and already have a platform system in place. Snag it up and go kill a public land swamp donkey! $200 tyd. Located in Michigan. Thank...
  5. L

    Sit Drag Ideas

    Hey guys! New to the site and also saddles. I have a good buddy that has been hunting saddles a while now and he has invested in a tethrd mantis and loves it. He let me play in it for a day and I have decided that I have to get into the saddle game. It was amazing. The downside is the cost, I...
  6. rabidd099

    FS: Large Trophyline Tree Ambush Tree Saddle + TL pouch + TL kneepads

    For sale is a used 2007 Trophyline Tree Ambush Tree Saddle Size Large. Bridge was well cared for and is still in good shape. I cut off the elastic straps that snagged and the rear tree stand tie in loop to cut wieght and replaced them with tool belt suspenders that can be removed easily if you...
  7. G

    For sale: 2007 Trophyline tree saddle Large

    Hello new to saddlehunter.com Have a 2007 Large tree saddle from Trophyline. Is the TS11TRT neoprene version. Bought used 2 years ago, everything works fine, shows normal wear. Includes the saddle, pouch, trophyline’s lineman’s belt and tree strap. Asking 175 or best offer, shipped to your door...
  8. Btrent12

    Trophy line tree saddle for sale

    Have a trophy line tree saddle for sale, been put on a tree in the yard a couple times is it, like brand new, SIZE:LARGE.... PayPal only asking $175
  9. Vorsteg

    TrophyLine Tree Saddle

    2005 Model TS-9 Camo Tree Saddle Size - Large 34" - 42" Weight Capacity - 375 pounds Tree stand and safety harness in one. Cover 360 degrees d the tree. Safety belt doubles as a deer drag. Integrated Lineman's belt. Includes original 2 accessory pouches. Includes mini carabiner with Para cord...
  10. N

    New Tribe Aero Hunter Evolution $375 - Only used a couple times!

    Fellow hunters, I'm selling my New Tribe Aero Hunter Evolution. It's only been used a couple times and looks completely brand new. I still have all the original directions and information that came with it (just purchased in September 2016). I'm selling it because I've always wanted to try...
  11. R

    TS9-Large Tree Saddle for Sale

    Hello All, Good Evening All! Tyler here, yes the same Tyler who worked at Trophyline USA for Several years up until they closed. I got in touch with John Eberhart and he directed me to this forum. I have a Large Neoprene TS9. It is the Saddle that has webbing straps and two small pouches on...