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2023 Deer Contest Standings

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Latest update. Most all teams are on the board now. There have been 16 submittals at this point including 3 bucks. I'm sure things will heat up here shortly as a lot of our seasons haven't opened yet. Good job to those to those of you who've managed to get it done early so far.

Latest weekly (more or less) update shows Team 1 carrying the lead with teams 7, 11 and 6 all close. Team 1 is getting done on a handful of does, including two from @Blacksmith and a nice 9 point by @Micneador . Other honorable mentions this week are an 8 point taken by @Silvio (team 7), the 7 point taken by @bowhunthard88 (team 10) and the hoss of a 10 point taken by our fearless leader @redsquirrel (team 6). Way to go guys, keep up the good work.

Latest update. Team 1 still holds the lead despite continued pressure from Teams 7, 10 and 11 (them guys have been busy). :tearsofjoy:

Highlights for the week include a 10pt from @austin1990 (Team 7), 8pt from @Will Harris (Team 11), 14pt from @Blacksmith and 9pt from @philsanchez76 (both Team 1) and last but not least, a sweet double, 8pt and doe from @Exhumis (Team 10). Way to go guys! For the rest of us . . . we got some work to do!

Good luck and be safe everyone.

Posting the latest standings. Team 7 has taken over the lead from Team 1 by a slight margin this week with Teams 10 and 11 keeping pace. Highlights from the last week include a nice 9pt taken by @Bigterp (Team 3), a nice 8 pointer from the @thedutchtouch (Team 10), another 8 pointer from @ScottL (Team 2). I also have to mention @Horn (Team 7) who shot his first saddle buck last week. @Chad8489 (Team 7) also connected on two does last week.

Congrats to all you successful hunters. Best of luck to all!

Latest updated through submission post 56. Team 7 increased their overall lead on the addition of a nice 9 point taken by @bongo this week. On another note, Team 9 finally got on the board this week with @Arrowsquirrel taking an absolute hoss of a 13 point. Beautiful buck @Arrowsquirrel!

For those of us in the northern half of the country our rut action seems to be really starting to kick in. Get out there and get that buck!

Good luck and stay safe everyone!

Happy Halloween! Later submission this week as I have some connection issues when I'm remote. Things are heating up now as submissions are coming more frequently. Team 7 still maintains the lead with an impressive point total for this early in the season. Teams 1 and 10 round out the top three with Team 8 moving into fourth place. Highlights for the week include 9 pointers from our own @Wirrex (Team 6) and @rhagenw (Team 4). @jhunter13 (Team 7) scored a nice 8 point and @VASteve (Team 10) dropped a nice 7 point. @EricS (Team 11) also posted a 6 point. Two more doubles were added by @Glenn (Team 1) and @thedutchtouch (Team 10) although only one of the TDT deer were scoreable since he's stacking them up like cordwood this year.

Congrats to all who've posted and good luck to all. Stay safe out there!

This week update . . . Team 7 still holds a solid lead with teams 1, 10 and 11 holding second and a tie for third. Highlights for the week include 8 pointers posted by @bowhuntr09 (Team 2), @jtw0057 (Team 3 . . .sweet), @RMcDonald7 (Team 9) and @Thetrueredneck (Team 6). A couple of 7 pointers were posted by @onestringer (Team 9) and @JASmith (Team 3 . . .sweet). Also, our own illustrious @redsquirrel scored on his second 10 point of the year this week. He didn't post it to the scoreboard because it didn't change the scoring but it deserves a callout nonetheless. Congrats @redsquirrel, 2023 is a season to remember!

Sorry for the delay all, I've been living remote in the camper and connectivity is sketchy at best there. Attached are the latest standings. Team 7 still maintains a solid lead with Team 1 in second and my own Team 3 making a quiet move into 3rd place. Since its been a while since I posted here there are lots of honorable mentions. Team 7 padded its lead with a beautiful 9pt from @blt348 and an 8pt upgrade from @Chad8489. My own Team 3 benefited from 8 pts taken by @deertrout and @OspreyZB. Other 8pt bucks were taken by @Reedler (Team 2), @phatkaw (Team 1), @Andrew920 (Team 8) and @Boomah21 (Team 11). @Chuck2450 (Team 9) scored a double taking a doe and an 8 point and @Tree2Tree (Team5) posted a beautiful 9 point. Congrats to all of you and all the other successful hunters so far.

Bottom line is Team 7 is kicking butt and taking names, the rest of us have some work to do to catch them. Good luck to all!

Sorry for the missed week guys. Life gets in the way some times. :tearsofjoy:

Team 7 still holds a lead, albeit slim, over Team 11 who jumped from fourth to second place with help from a 10 pt from @Kuk09 and an 11 pt from @dramsey25 . The big move of the year goes to Team 4 this week moving from second to last to third place with help from a 10 pt from @rhagenw, an 8 pt from @swing n fling, and a double (8 pt + doe) from @goody94 . What a jump . . . way to go guys!

Honorable mention to @Chuck2450 (Team 9) for a hammer of a 11 point and to @kyler1945 (Team 10) for a real nice 9 point.

Six deer posted this week. Teams 7 and 11 are still leading the way but Team 1 made the jump to third place on the basis of a nice 6 point taken by @2Sloe.

Congrats to a pair of does taken by Team 6 members @bigcat93 and @Nosaj. Other honorable mentions this week is a big 9 point by @Gator (Team 2). Congrats guys!

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I was reminded this morning I've been a bit delinquent in posting a standings update lately (Thanks @LtMoe66 ) , my apologies. There's been 4 submissions since the last update. @LtMoe66 (Team 5) with a nice 8 pt upgrade, @bongo (Team 7) submitting a 6 pt as his second buck, @HaunSolo (Team 4) with a nice 8 Point and finally a doe from @Ckwilli (Team 9).

With @bongo's 5 points Team 7 has increased their overall lead and Team 4 has taken over third place with @HaunSolo's buck.

Also, if anyone's interested, I attached a chart comparing how this year's contest harvest so far has compared to previous years. Pretty good year so far guys, Congratulations!

1703774624409.png 1703775398172.png
Attached in the latest update in standings. Understandably with seasons ending the submissions have been slowing down but there's still deer being killed out there. If you're lucky enough to still have an open season and tags to use keep after it! The rest of us are hunting vicariously with you.

The big update this time around is that Team 11 has moved back into the lead since being displaced back in Sept. with the help of a stud of a 9 point taken by @Seekbigger. Also since the last update @ScottL (Team 2) posted another 8 point as his second buck and late season does were submitted by @Chrighton (Team 1), @NimbleTimbo (Team 4) and @Shapeshifter (Team 6). Congrats guys!

Its been a couple of weeks since the last update and there have been five deer added since then. A couple of does by @Jpdarby2 (Team 6) and @swing n fling (Team 4) as well as some late season hammers by @Tr33_n1nj@ (8 point, Team 8), @Bigterp (7 point, Team 3) and @hambone (9 point, Team 8). Congrats guys on the late season success, way to stick with it!

With two weeks left in the contest Team 11 still holds a comfortable lead over second place Team 7 and Team 4 holding third place. Big late move by Team 8 on bucks by @Tr33_n1nj@ and @hambone jumped them up for a tie for 4th place with Team 1.

There's still 2 weeks of contest left for those of you with seasons still open to make a move. Go for it guys!

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