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And so it begins!!!!

If the saddle is like the mini sticks I had no luck getting hold of costumer service at halkhelum! Mack's sent me 3 new steps and helped me but halkhelum didn't help me at all.
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99% of “in the know” saddle guys won’t give this thing the time of day but all the new guys that have heard about saddles from there buddies are gonna dive right into one of these Hawk saddle kits that has “every thing you need” to get started and then upgrade from there.... regardless of what we think of them they’re going to bring a lot more people into the game that’s for certain

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If their quality control is as bad on these as their sticks, someone could get hurt. One bad run of stitching and that could be bad. At least those of us who have had issues with their sticks have found it pretty quick and fixed the issues for the most part. I love my sticks, would never trust their saddle/accessories though. And I have yet to hear of anyone that got any response from their "Support"
Hawk customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. They basically stole money from me while refusing to warranty or assist me with 2 different products. Use/buy at your own risk.
I’ll never leave Tethrd now that I’ve got one and my 20” Helium’s will get upgraded next season.. I was super dissatisfied with my sticks and Midway USA.

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