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Artisan Outdoors Stick Platform


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Dec 31, 2019
I got my platform in a few days ago and got it all put together and gave it a try. Install was fairly simple. Two bolts that roughly matched up to the existing holes on my Heliums. They were just a smidge off, but not tightening one side before getting the other bolt started helped that, of course. Grade 8 bolts. Bolts from removing the top steps were too short. I think I wound up with 1.5". I took the whole thing into Lowe's. Got 2-3 questions. "What the heck is that?" Lock washer and nylon washers to make sure there was no squeak once I got on it. And there wasn't. There's another hole on the platform that I may drill out and add another bolt, but I didn't notice any wobble when trying it out. And I sure would want to put it too close to another hole and weaken the stick there.

My sticks aren't cut. I may do that eventually, at least on this platform stick. They do have a 7/64" Amsteel doubled up and daisy chained instead of the stock straps. If put on snug with all cleats making good contact, they don't move even with all 250 lbs. of me putting side pressure on it. Same for once I put the platform on it. And this was on a pine I have in the yard. I almost never hunt where there's not another option besides a pine. Other photo is on a white oak. No movement whatsoever.

I intend to one stick and rappel going forward, so this is great. Half the price of most platforms. (Probably 1/2 the platform area, admittedly, too.) Also, with the platform installed, I can still nest all three of my sticks together easily. If I ever want a couple more foothold spots, I could just add a couple squirrel steps.

Overall, I'm very pleased with it. Easy to correspond with the Zach on Facebook and email. It was about a two week wait to get them in. Some multi-hour sits and time will tell just how much I like it. Artisan Outdoor Fabrications & Metal Craft Facebook page is where you can find them and place orders.

side pressure.jpgside pressure 2.jpgup a tree.pngstick 2.jpgplatform.jpgstick1.jpg
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