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Duffle bags


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Aug 3, 2021
Anyone have any recommendations for a good duffle bag? Maybe not the worlds most interesting topic! Anyone use any of the higher end ones? Or just a cheapy?
Mountain ridge gear are hard to beat for the money

I used to use a couple of military bags but have since gone to a large tote. It stays in my truck w/all my hunting gear in it year round. It's easily moved from one vehicle to another and critter proof in camp. Food can be put in w/clothes and gear if needed w/o ants or mice!
Well I mean I like a quality product so whatcha pointing me towards ?
I got the large scentlok ozone bag on the classifieds here and have been really happy with it. I use it and a large tote. The tote is mostly for storage and the bag travels.
I got a 75L sitka drifter that’s new I’ll sell ya if you’re interested! PM me

I bought a 50 and 75 decided to keep the 50

It’s brand new
In the car/truck organization. Mainly so I can load and unload the truck quick after a trip or hunt
I use an "sales bag" from watts baggs for this purpose. It's heavy (but does have wheels), so that's why I was asking (would not recommend for air travel etc as a result) but it's rigid enough that it's almost like a box instead of a bag, which I like for truck bed organization.

Full disclosure- I got mine for free from an old job that was throwing it away so they might be $$ but the "sales bag" type of duffel may be something to Google.

Speaking of googling, looks like there's some mountain hardwear bags on sale at the moment, don't know anything about the bags but know a few outdoorsy type people that swear by the brand.
I’ve got a 50L water resistant Calcutta duffle that I got pretty reasonable off of Amazon. I like it because it stiff and stays open, doesn’t collapse on you. I’ve use it all the time. If I’m heading out of town, and there is no room in the back seat I can through it in the bed of the truck and not worry about it. I also use it as a carry on when flying. If I’m on a hunting trip I use it as an Ozone bag. Works really well.

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I hate to say it but the yeti duffle bags are the most freeze proof water proof dust proof bags I've ever used. However. You will vomit at the price.
I really like the layout of those bags, price isn’t actually as bad as I figured being it’s a yeti!
I really like the layout of those bags, price isn’t actually as bad as I figured being it’s a yeti!
They are the nicest duffels I've ever seen. I hate to say it due to it being Yeti and due to the price. But they are almost entirely water proof. Definitely dust and dirt proof. Snow proof for sure also.
I had this one posted in the classifieds and was pretty surprised there were no takers. Really rugged well made bag, not a floppy one. I just haven't done a lot of travel to hunt in years and it's much larger than I need for what I move around or store in my plastic totes. Hence it doesn't get used. Probably on par with the size of a hockey gear bag. There's one photo showing the length.