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Favorite YouTube hunting channel


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May 25, 2019
Not only did I not watch it, but I unsubscribed to THP when I saw the title. But, now you have piqued my interest. I sure hope you’re right and he was making fun of that group. Thanks

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What’s wrong with hunting suburbs?

For a time i had property to hunt that abutted a bunch of suburban subdivisions with greenspace scattered throughout.

That spot had by far the biggest bucks i’ve had the privelege to hunt and they most definitely were NOT pushovers or easy to hunt in any way. Those Bucks were as cagey as any i’ve hunted anywhere.


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Jan 14, 2019
There has to be more to the story. You just dont up and sell your dream whitetail property on a whim.
I found some comments from him on his Ask Winke section on his website. Apparently he tried all year to buy property closer to his parents and couldn't find anyone that would sell what he was interested in. He ended up leasing some property (NE Iowa) and killed a dandy at the end of October. Sounds like he scouted a bunch of state land and will eventually do something else hunting related but he hasn't filmed all year and that seems to me what he was tired of. He didn't sell his property on a whim, he wants to be closer to his parents, and his family just bought a house near where they are.

I don't think he's done killing big deer, but it seems like he's done filming it. I can certainly understand doing that but selfishly it sucks. Finding his content in college is what really started my obsession.