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Help! Tired of Freezing Hands!


Active Member
Sep 20, 2019
New York, NY
I think the first lite gloves you have are your best bet for warmth if you’re looking to still be able to actually move your fingers and grab stuff. Once it gets to teens and 20s I will wear jersey gloves to and from the stand, pockets while in the stand. Wrapping metal in stealth strips and tape works well. It all helps but they’re usually still cold. Carrying the bow out is the worst, but I know I’ll survive. A lot of people just need to accept that hunting is going to be uncomfortable sometimes.


Well-Known Member
Oct 2, 2020
I wear a hand muff (windproof) and have two frog and co electric hand warmers. They last a long time and I use one most of the time. Two if it’s super cold. The warmers also will charge your phone.