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Team 3 Thread

Good looking coons, buck not to bad either. I assume your season is over? My rut kicks off in a little over a month.
I have till the 15th of January.

I don't hunt over corn but dropped some here I'm hopes to lure in the one lone hog that's been running around. An entire buck group ended up on it instead of the hog. :rolleyes:
Merry Christmas to all.
I am truly blessed, heading to Ohio Sunday with my son and brother in law. Last trip of the year.
I can’t get us any points but I’m finally back in a tree looking for a doe. Ah the peace and quiet that is hunting. Love my 3 year old but damn those new toys make a lot of noise!

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Ended up seeing 10 different deer.


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Scouted for a couple days. Finally in a tree. Not many shooting lanes. Real thick behind me

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Well I'm pretty well done deer hunting this year. 11 days left in the season and I've taken as many does as I need to off my property for the year. Saw some does and a decent 8pt on the other property I hunt a few days ago. Might give them one more go, would like to stick another doe at the least.
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Went out last night and had 2 shooters in bow range! 10 pt. & 8 pt. Awesome night out only problem is I can only shoot a doe at this point!. Can’t really complain after taking my buck of a lifetime 14pt. In December. Wish everyone best of luck with the season ending soon or already over for some!
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Was pulling some cameras today and going through the combined 8k pictures from the last month...

Found this peculiar deer. Possibility of an antlered doe, or a buck with Cryptorchid. Still in velvet and very funky antlers.

Sorry all, I'm trying to add some points, but I'm struggling this year. Froze my toes off today in the snow, and didn't see a thing. Hoping I can still get some points on the board this year........
I haven’t been out for awhile I wish I could but got some things going on now so got to sit out the remainder of the season. It’s been one heck of a year beginning of bow season got really sick with covid. Then hit nice velvet buck but couldn’t find him. Missed a buck during muzzleloader but then came up with the big 8 point couple days later crazy hunt that was. Then in pre rut had the big 11 point i was watching step out mid day although I didn’t get a shot on him I did win the chest match lol. Shot a little buck in shotgun season watched him run off just pumping out blood and fall over dead. Had chances at some doe but couldn’t get on one to save my life. Now looking forward to some post season scouting when I get the time
good luck if you still out.
Well it was a good year. Killed more deer this season than I ever have in one year. Completed my goal to kill a deer with my trad bow, had a ton of deer in range or near in range on most sets. The ducks treated me well and I killed 92 birds personally after the final tally from last weekends two hunts. The fall of 2021-2022 treated me well.
It was a pleasure being on the team with you all for my first saddle hunter contest and hopefully get to be teammates in the future.

Update: I did finally find the doe I arrowed the second week of November. She ran ~250 yards and was dead in the absolute center of a 30' diameter brush pile. Found the skull and hair while rabbit/quail hunting last week.