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Recent content by jkwill5

  1. J

    Backing Things Up

    I cinch my lineman's belt down and run it as a secondary bridge and also tie an alpine butterfly knot below my friction hitch on the tag end of my tether and clip that in to my carabiner. I feel pretty comfortable with these but still have single points of failure with my tether carabiner and a...
  2. J

    Opinion on a diy tether.

    Have you checked out the ropes at doublesteps.com w/ @DanO. He's got everything you'll need and you might want to look at some of the 8 and 9mm ropes.
  3. J

    Canoe vs Kayak

    I have a Old Town Guide (14 footer) canoe and love it. I take it duck hunting and can pack it full to the brim with stuff along w/ my dog. A kayak seems so limited in terms of space. I would also echo the longer canoes are better.
  4. J

    Does anyone use Natural Gear?

    I actually just ordered their full draw series - pants and 1/4 zip. I plan on wearing those early on and as a mid layer this year. I've worn their camo duck hunting for the last several years and love it. I have only good things to say about how it works and durability, so figured I'd give...
  5. J

    Hey duck hunters

    Sadie girl and I got a limit of blue wings last weekend on teal opener too.
  6. J

    Just about wrapped up my new battle belt saddle

    I went with a BB set up from @DanO for this year. I got real tired of my saddle sliding down on the walk in/out. Moved everything to the BB and now I can stow that in my bag. I'm just going to throw it on at the base of the tree. I might wear it on the walks in and out for shorter duration...
  7. J

    EWO Battlebelt with Lineman’s Loop

    I just got mine delivered from @DanO. I'm a 36 and went with a medium belt and went ahead and got the large linesman loops. It fits perfect and has enough length on the loops to accommodate for more layers
  8. J

    EWO Battlebelt with Lineman’s Loop

    @Jtaylor Thanks for the info!
  9. J

    EWO Battlebelt with Lineman’s Loop

    @Jtaylor - With your dual bridge set up, does that allow you to transfer your weight on to the BB while hunting as opposed to all of your weight being in the SD if you only have a single bridge? I'm thinking it might be nice to try to disperse the weight out between the two sections, but you...
  10. J

    EWO Battlebelt with Lineman’s Loop

    @Jtaylor You have 1 inch webbing & tri glides attaching your sit drag to your battle belt. Did you find that it's necessary to keep the 2 sections loosely attached together for comfort while hunting or is that to keep the SD from falling while walking in & out?
  11. J

    Quiver tight to tree

    I hang my bow off the left side of the tree (right-handed) with my quiver on a separate hook (night ize gear tie) on the right side of the tree. My pack hangs below. I used a paracord tree strap last year and will be using a webbing gear strap from @DanO this year.
  12. J

    Trophyline Platform?

    Getting to be so many options. This is a good thing. Is it going to be a larger predator?
  13. J

    Platform suggestions

    Sounds like you might want the Treehopper tree suit
  14. J

    Alternative Method for Platform Attachment

    Thank you for showing your platform attachment while standing on a stick! It seems that every video I watch of cam over platforms, people are showing how easy they are to install and cam while standing on the ground. I feel like this would be way more difficult while tethered in and standing...
  15. J

    Newbie question (imagine that!)

    I've had similar issues with my kestrel. My solution is going to be to daisy chain my LB behind me and have 1 removable dump pouch. I'm going to 8 mm oplux for LB & tether too. I want to walk in and out with nothing hanging from my saddle.