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Recent content by johnw91

  1. J

    Sold *****2019 Kestrel flex for sale size 1

    Size 1 my apologies.
  2. J

    Sold *****2019 Kestrel flex for sale size 1

    Use for the end of last season and then for bow season. Size 1. Gonna roll with the Merlin. 215 tyd. Good condition, a few small dirt stains that will rub out.
  3. J

    TL Mission mod

    It's perfect. I have a predator as well. If i am going to a spot I know exactly where i am climbing, i bring the mission. If i will be scouting with my stand and sticks on my back, I bring the predator. Has worked flawlessly for me this year.
  4. J

    Whoa is me......help me keep my sanity guys!

    If there was ever a justification for a crossbow I would say your situation merits it.
  5. J

    "Chinaderic" Knockoff Rage Hypodermic Review and Results

    I spined a mature buck two years ago with a rage hypodermic +p . I put the finishing shot on him with a chinadermic. The original rage severed a vertebrae and remained intact. I still have the vertebrae with the rage stuck in it in perfect condition. The chinadermic was a lung shot. Both blades...
  6. J

    muzzle loaders with saddles

    Been hunting the last two weeks with my ML out of the saddle. I hang it from a clip from my tethrd Hys strap, or I rest it on the bridge as the poster above showed. I love hunting from a saddle with a gun the tree provides a perfect rest.
  7. J

    Aerohunter Merlin

    Yep very glad I got my flex right now. Only reason I want a merlin is during early season it holds in sweat. Well by December 4th I'm gonna have no problem with that lol
  8. J

    Who Did Not Snort the Fairy Dust? And Why?

    570 TAW grain blood sport indicator, 125 magnus buzzcut up front. Complete pass through a 155 lb 9 pointer and stuck 6 inches into the dirt on the other side. Quartering to shot at 18 yards, Broke the left scapula and exited out the bottom back of the second lung. Died within sight at 60 yards...
  9. J

    Aerohunter Merlin

    Order number 10582 , was told it will be shipping December 4th. Better chance I'll get one out of the classifieds than hunt out of it this year I reckon.
  10. J

    SOLD Wild edge yarak size 2

    Hey guys, got a yarak size 2 for sale. In great shape just too big for me . 309 tyd
  11. J

    Making the predator have better traction

    I added some non slip tape but it comes off easily
  12. J

    Making the predator have better traction

    I love the predator, however I slip a bunch with my Irish setter boots. Anyone got a good idea how to add traction to the platform? Thanks
  13. J

    LWCG Ambush Vs Trophyline Mission : My review

    This has probably been talked about, but I figured I'd share my review in case there is anyone out there interested in purchasing either. First up, the Trophyline mission. Pros : STURDY, I mean it is clear to me that they had the intent to make this thing beefy and indestructible. When you put...
  14. J

    How are you all getting your bow up the tree

    I know this has probably been discussed but I can't seem to use the search function very well in the forum. I am curious how everyone is getting their bow up the tree with them while saddle hunting? I have used a rope for years and I cannot stand it. It gets tangled on branches, tangled in...