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Recent content by SJLawrence

  1. SJLawrence

    Moccasins for hunting?

    These would be great for stalking as well. I haven't worn these into the woods though. I prefer the knee high boots for extra coverage from ticks, thorns, etc.
  2. SJLawrence

    Moccasins for hunting?

    Thank you! $175 and you would stand on 1 foot and have someone trace your foot on a piece of paper or cardboard. Also would need to know your shoe size and width, just for comparison. I wear a men's 8 but chose to make a 9 for thick socks if needed. It turns out that a 8 would've worked...
  3. SJLawrence

    Moccasins for hunting?

    That would be ma'am :) I bought the pattern at tandy and used some leather I had around here. Then treated them with mink oil.
  4. SJLawrence

    Moccasins for hunting?

    Yes, I use them. I made these for early season hunts last year. Climbed the tree in my saddle and knocked down a doe with the longbow on opening day here in AR. I put a thicker bison hide for the sole to help with thorns and such
  5. SJLawrence

    Bare Necessities - 5 Tips for Hunting

    1. Always safety first (gear, clothing, food, water, etc) 2. Don’t forget the TP/wipes! (Oak leaves are no fun on the bum) 3. Always learn something on each hunt 4. Practice and accuracy go hand in hand 5. Be respectful of the land, other hunters & the game you hunt
  6. SJLawrence

    What will you change/improve for next year?

    More public land scouting in and out of state. Had way more fun hunting all public land this year after losing my lease. Continue to shoot my long bow year round.
  7. SJLawrence

    LH 2018 Hoyt Powermax 50-60 lb $400

    I have a LH Hoyt Powermax with case, original Fuse sight & quiver, HHA Optima Lite 1pin sight, Trophy Ridge Lite 1 quiver for sale. Excellent condition. Located in Arkansas
  8. SJLawrence

    How and why did you choose Traditional Archery?

    Hunting and fishing has always been part of my life growing up. My dad is a great outdoorsman and I was his shadow growing up (daddy's girl). My first bow was a compound but I didn't use sites. As an adult I have primarily used a compound bow with sites for hunting and competition. I've...
  9. SJLawrence

    Single Pin Sight

    I have a brand new RH HHA Optimizer Lite single pin OL-5519 listed in the classifieds if you're interested. I needed a LH & ended up purchasing that to put on my Powermax.
  10. SJLawrence

    Hunting from the ground

    I have the hammock seat and used it periodically over the last 3 years. Very comfortable and easy to set up. When it's cold, i put an insulated foam pad (cheap from any big box store) in it to keep the booty warm. My son is borrowing it this season to do some timber duck hunting with it. The...
  11. SJLawrence

    What’s everyone taking to the woods this year?

    60" Navajo Apache 54lb @ 28 (I shoot 26" draw) Easton Camo Hunter xx75 Zwickey Delta 170g
  12. SJLawrence

    SOLD - New HHA Optimizer Lite OL-5519 $90 TYD

    Thanks but I've already purchased one.