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2tc vs one sticking

Why hasn’t the 2TC method caught on like one sticking?
I prefer one sticking because of the standing stability for tether moves or going around limbs, etc. That said 2TC works well and has definite weight advantages and if well practiced is probably a little faster for most folks. Not that you cant climb quickly one sticking just saying in general over the masses.
Agreed so why not “mainstream” like one sticking?
Because no one, except CGM, is trying to sell 2TC kits, so there aren't enough videos on youtube showing off how awesome this new "2TC" kit is. And like plebe pointed out, there's no youtube celebs rocking the latest 2TC collab with their most lucrative sponsor
Agreed so why not “mainstream” like one sticking?
Because the the folks that put money in influencer hands for the most part all sell sticks. It's like there is an invisible barrier that if you saddle hunt, you cant treestand hunt or if you one stick, you cant also 2TC. It seems irrational to me. I think it kind of goes along with trying to talk to mfg's about building a more field function stand/platform. It's like they think you have to choose a side or something rather than using all means at your disposal and the one that is the best tool for the particular situation.
Agreed with the above. Any basic climbing kit already has all the elements for a 2tc, to the best of my knowledge. And if it ain’t profitable it doesn’t get anywhere near the level of exposure. A basic fact that should make all of us re evaluate the content we see on social media. Sponsored content gets posted and reposted until it appears that’s the one and only truth.

@tailgunner ’s hash tag: 2TC or die could equally read: DIY or Die.
I actually think 1 sticking is slowly losing steams. Due to the fact that sticks are getting lighter and lighter. A average one stick + rappel rope equal to the weight of high end sticks and platform. Packability is close now too to dedicated packs that carry multiple stick pretty well.

I have tried 2TC on and off multiple times and it just not as easy as 1 sticking, for me personally. 3 large maneuvers with the one stick method required about 4 times the smaller maneuvers of 2TC.
I think part of it is the fact that it is just 2 pieces of rope. There is no fancy or interesting gear to stay interested in or really experiment with. You can complicate 2tc to no end but if you do it like I do, it all gets settled pretty quickly and there is nothing left to do to improve it. One sticks, especially the high end ones are cool and add to that rappelling and all the associated gizmos that go with it, it can keep folks entertained for a while.

2TC (simple 2TC) is a very basic, functional way to get up a tree under hunting conditions, but you can buy the rope and in half an hour the knots are tied, and it's done. Then it's just down to practice. Once the practice is down to muscle memory the only thing left is to hunt. My 2tc kit is in the backpack and I don't think about it anymore.
Unfortunately this industry is driven by the ever increasing need for new gear, and 2TC does not lend itself to that. It’s just too basic and too simple. I mean, I guess I could replace my tethers each year, with the latest, greatest, and skinniest of ropes but that’s not as exciting as the latest 1-stick with all of the bells and whistles. I mean, we now have folding one-sticks, removable platforms for one-sticks and such.

In addition, you’ll watch those who only climb multiple sticks will dog on the 1-stickers saying that it’s too much work, too difficult, too noisy, and too much movement, even though most of them have never tried it or only half-heartedly tried it. The same goes from the die hard 1-stickers who dog on 2TC. Again, they say it’s too tricky, to difficult, too dangerous, too noisy, too slow, or whatever else they can come up with although most have never tried it or only halfway tried it.
It's the learning curve. 2TC is harder to get started with. Someone sees a person like Scott Adkins just walk up a tree, and then they go try it, and it doesn't exactly go the same way. There's also not a complete buy off the shelf system. There's a kit, but you have to piece it together with other things. With one sticking, you can buy one all ready to go if you want. Multi-sticks are even simpler to learn.
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1 Sticking is just a fad.the majority of saddle hunting injuries come from sticks.people still love them and have no problem selling them to kids with aiders which means handycap..same people think you are so unsafe without redundancy,legstraps ,,rated waistbelts,or cobra buckles.wich have hurt nobody yet.then they back up thier gri gri with a knot wich is 2 systems....3 sticks will be just as light as rappell rope soon.and 1 stick still takes up the same amount of space packing it through the woods as 3 sticks...2 tether or die
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I agree with the consensus that it is not as "cool" as 1sticking. To be honest, I did not give 2tc as much time as I have read that I should have. I tried it on a leaning tree and had a terrible time getting anywhere with it. Again, maybe more practice would make it easier. I also hunt areas with lots of trees that fork out of a common trunk and the 1stick with a 3 step aider makes those trees way easier for me to get in. I'm not bashing 2tc in any way, I just think it is an acquired taste so to speak.

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Nah..The only reason people think 2tc.is hard is because they havnt figyered it out yet.its as simple as riding a bike.some children just keep at it till they get it...others dont figyer it out untill daddy pushes them.still everyone i know can ride and they dudnt just learn it in a day or even a week...leaners, limbs and splits dont even slow me down like rideing up a curb.tree selection aint changed
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And you should still know it if something goes wrong like dropping or breaking your stick.even if you get cell service you will feel realy dumb calling for help when you could have got down on your own...no matter what there is no comparison when it comes to ultralight ,ultra packable,and ultra quiet soft and stealthy.period.its like comparing a lambo to a whinabeggo.
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