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LIVE from the saddle 2023

See. JX3 blends in better.

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Wind ahead, along with cover/bedding. Funnel from food to left. Wasn’t really hunting today just scouted a new public spot for rifle opener tomorrow. Liked this enough that I left my gear strap. Then found a nice rub directly behind me(downwind) on the way out… I’ll decide which way I go in the morning.
Update I went with the same tree today… too windy, no deers.


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No pics, but I’ll share anyway.
I got up a tree yesterday in the dark, a gnarly red oak tree that was a huge pain to get up. But I was pretty sure I’d be able to see into the thick cover where there is a huge rub. Didn’t take a picture but at least 8-10 limbs to move around, so the whole back and forth between rappel and secondary tether all the way to somewhere around 30-35 ft. Took forever but a ide of a steep hill so I had to get high. Sun came up and I couldn't see anything so I got down and hunted from the ground all day. Saw a few does around 50-60 yards. Around 2, I put on a ghillie hat, moved in close to a big rub and crouched down by some brush to watch but of course wind switched directions so it was directly downwind of me except the occasional gust. But it was end of day so I stayed to watch and had several does come inside 10 yards. Most spooked pretty quick when they winded me, but inside 10 yards in the ground, I consider impressive. One visited the rub 6 yards away, got a whiff of me, started to walk straight in then circled around looking directly at me from fully exposed side, stomped once stared several minutes longer then looked the other way for a while, then looked back at me and walked away. Second day of rifle season so I wasnt allowed to take a doe, but after getting skunked and seeing maybe 3-4 does total in my last 10 hunts combined I was happy about the action. I did move a little after I thought she was gone and she snorted a couple times from probably 70 yards away but didn’t lose her stuff. First time wearing Scentlok so I’ll give them some credit.
First of the season for me. Deciding to take off work last minute made getting out to hunt this morning a little bit of a struggle. I finally made it to the spot, which is 6-8 mile boat ride, just to find some guy in a tiny kayak was already there. Found access somewhere else and slowly made my way in the woods. Wasn’t set up until about 8. I’m just happy to be here. B7D64778-FB54-4E83-95CC-BF5C364EE160.jpeg
Not live but yesterday evening. I went out about noon with the plan to slip around and find a spot to hang for the evening. Ended up circling back to the tree where I got that buck about 2 weeks ago. Barring seeing any good sign up to that point I knew there were does in there 2 weeks ago. I was really out for a doe. I climbed the same tree I got the buck from. The tree still had great cover.

The deer sign in there had dried up. The little scrape looked neglected since the rain the day before, at least. Hopes were not high. I underdressed for the wind and got a little chilly at times. The overcast day and misting rain didn't help matters.

About 5 minutes of shooting light left I had 5 hogs, about 50 pounds each come through. I was sure I was going to get to shish kabob one and was even drawn back, but they must have sensed something (impending death, lol) and held up a few yards out of my window. They circled away and left.

It ended up being a fun hunt, though no deer were seen. It just reinforces my general feeling that the best hunt will be the first one at a spot and that after that it is diminishing returns.


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