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Tethrd Gen3 One Sticks $299

Thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and ordered an extra in case something happens to one mid season or I have a setup where it will only work if I'm higher up.
It didn’t weigh more because of the metal quality. The sidewall of the tubing got thicker from the inch to metric conversion and then rounding up to the nearest equivalent.

Not sure where you heard that but it’s ridiculous.

The Chinese don’t do metallurgy like we do, it simply takes more metal, less labor and less research to make what they make. Which is why it’s cheaper on top of cheap labor. I deal with it every single day with your tax money and it’s infuriating.
Dah, this sale got it my head, they got me for 3… been wanting to try em. No idea how they’ll integrate into my rig, just making more work for myself between now and Sept but wonder if they’ll be the one sticking killer.
I tried to get 4. The site would only add 1 to the cart. Oh well
Gotcha. I tried to put a 3 pack in the cart and then a single. Ill go back and try again
Gotcha. I tried to put a 3 pack in the cart and then a single. Ill go back and try again

yeah, i didn't read everything on the site....and tried like 5 times to buy all 4 sticks at once.....because i wasn't in my 'expect stuff to be stupid' stoic mood and expected the world to make sense.....my bad.....happens before my second cup of coffee in the morning
Anybody know if this is real?

i know i always buy my climbing sticks from a site that has Wigs as a main product category

nice ones too

My two favorite hunter wear wig’s…
Ernie Power and Rut Daniels …
My brother and I got a pic with the Rutster himself at the GAOS but not with Ernie unfortunately or I would post both pics. 01FBA6BF-B25E-45D5-87C3-A74639584060.jpeg