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Traditional bow kills 2022/2023 season.


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Apr 10, 2016
Was fortunate to take a large doe last night with my 40# Galaxy Black Ridge hybrid longbow. Arrow setup was a 600 spine gold tip trad with a 50 grain insert and 175 grain grizzly single bevel broadhead. Shot was quartering to at 10 yards. Arrow zipped through scapula on entry and exited lower at crease.

She was part of a group of 7 does being harassed by a 150” buck in front of me the whole evening. Unfortunately he was only chasing the yearlings and fawns around. The old doe I shot wanted nothing to do with him. She finally came into the edge of the woods I was sitting in while the rest of the does and the buck remained 75 yards out in the field. When I shot her, she ran right out into the field and flopped over right in front of the other deer. They didn’t even react and stayed for the remainder of the evening. Cool hunt for sure!

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