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Recent content by Unshackled

  1. Unshackled

    TN Velvet Hunt

    Got close to getting it done on the ground this morning. Hopefully rain will cooperate in the morning and can give it another go
  2. Unshackled

    Climbing big trees

    To piggyback on this thread, how do you tether into big trees? My current situation is a huge sycamore looking over a 3 acre thicket. There is a small cedar tree right next to it that I can climb and get onto the sycamore limb. Tether is not big enough but even if it was it’d be hard to get...
  3. Unshackled

    Meat hauling pack

    I brought out my Kelty 3900. A granola bar fell out that went out of date in 2005. I started saddle hunting last year and used 3 full length lone wolf sticks, had success but they were heavy and bulky. I carried them in one hand and my bow in the other but I don’t want to do that again...
  4. Unshackled

    Pressure Canning

  5. Unshackled

    Pressure Canning

    Canned pickles last night. Green beans last year. It’s really not as hard or dangerous as people make it out to be. I’ve got a Presto 32 qt probably from Walmart. Just need clean jars and lids, boil them before you start. You’ll probably want wide mouth jars. Old coil stove top or gas is better...
  6. Unshackled


    Yes I recognize a lot of the general areas. I’ve got a lot to learn fishing. I’d sure like to try some of his techniques just got to find time to fish more!
  7. Unshackled


    Thanks @Sipsey! I’ve went down a fishing YouTube channel rabbit hole and can’t find my way out!
  8. Unshackled

    Canoe rebuild

    We always used pvc for a push pole. Cut it long and has good flex. Don’t remember the diameter we used but worked like a charm for a 14ft jon boat.
  9. Unshackled

    Spring 2020 Gobbler Season

    2 down in less than 12 hrs! Late last night and early this morning. Saved leg quarters for the first time. I got them in the pressure cooker right now with pinto beans, bacon, and onions and smelling good
  10. Unshackled

    New Scouting Video Series (looking for ideas)

    Food sources in the woods. Areas without corn and beans
  11. Unshackled

    Team 7 2019 thread

    Just checked we’re in 10th place out of 16. We could put up points quickly though. I know I need to replace a doe with a buck
  12. Unshackled

    Team 7 2019 thread

    Good buck! We need to finish strong!
  13. Unshackled

    Team 7 2019 thread

    Near Carmi
  14. Unshackled

    Team 7 2019 thread

    On stand as well, observation sit on the first afternoon in Illinois. Hoping to see a shooter and make a move this weekend Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk