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lone wolf

  1. L

    Summit (Lone Wolf) - Climber & Platform?

    Hi yall, I'm a fairly new to hunting... still a virgin to saddle hunting too. Recently, I purchased myself a Cruzr XC and look forward to taking it out in the field and putting in some hours. I always try to be resourceful when I can, so since I already have a summit climber I'm wondering how...
  2. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Lone Wolf Flip Top Wide Sit & Climb Tree Stand

    New - open box. You wont find another one like it - probably. There are a few inconsequential cosmetic scuffs here and there from moving the stand around but it has never been hunted in or used in the field. Will ship in the original box unless local pickup in Michigan's thumb. Includes back...
  3. Camacho

    SOLD: LW Hand Climber (seat only, no mods) $150

    As stated, I want to sell my Lone Wolf Hand Climber seat. I used it as a platform a few hunts last season and am going with a different option this year. It is still a great platform It is totally stock, no mods, nothing wrong with it at all. $150 TYD (within reason. . .) and buyer pays any...
  4. jerwin1776

    Lone Wolf Cam mount / arm

    Lone Wolf Camera Mount/Arm (needs screw/bolt to mount the fluid head to...something you can find at home depot): $110 Shipping is on you...
  5. ShawnE

    PLEASE CLOSE WTS/WTT Lone Wolf Assassin / Arcteryx Knee Pads / EWO Pouches / Aiders

    Trade deals I'm REALLY WANTING would be an 8.5 - 9.5 lb Lone Wolf Assault with EZ hook ability and leveling bracket. *SOLD* (1) Latitude Method metal free saddle with two Latitude pouches. (Used 1 time, in brand new condition) Does NOT include tether or lineman ropes (1) *SOLD* Lone Wolf...
  6. S

    Looking for Lone Wolf Assassin

    Looking to purchase another LW Assassin platform. If you have one please let me know, ready to purchase. Thanks.
  7. kidneystones_3000

    Sold please close

    $80.00 TYD Pay Pal important missing 1 strap on for one of the stick. some scratches on the sticks very minor. plus Shipping Lower 48 states only package deal. Important not the climbing sticks are only a year old
  8. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE WTS/WTT Lone Wolf Assassin Harness - platform not included

    In very good/excellent unmodified condition. Would consider trades for binoculars, backpack, clothing, LH bow sight, maybe a decent knife, not sure etc :) $50 tyd PP F&F or add 3% for G&S Please PM if interested thanks!
  9. S

    sold close

    3 sticks, were only used 2-3 times last season. $115 tyd with versa straps. Ships next day.
  10. S

    Anyone have a The Kuhnert's ambush platform for sale?

    I was late to the party and missed the opportunity on Lone Wolf. Anyone have one they're looking to get rid of?
  11. J


    Barely used $300 + shipping
  12. J

    SOLD - Please Close

    I have 5 lone wolf sticks for sale. I can send individual ones or as groups. 3 of them have stealth strips and rope mods (rope included or you can request the original straps) rope mod sticks - $25 per stick + Shipping Regulars - $20 per stick + Shipping Shipping: i can ship them in a couple...
  13. B

    Which would be a better pack to hold climbing sticks and a predator platform

    I’m new to saddle hunting. I was wanting to know which would be a better pack to hold a predator platform and some climbing sticks. I’ve been looking between Sitka’s Fanatic pack and their tool box pack. I would also need the pack to be able to hold a jacket and bibs.
  14. ShawnE

    TRADED PLEASE CLOSE - WTT Aero Hunter Kestrel Size 2 - Like New, Mint

    I have a Kestrel Size 2 with a Back Band that has only been hunted with 3 times in the afternoon this season. Back band was never used at all. This saddle is pretty much like new condition. For trade: Medium Tethrd Mantis in similar minty fresh condition Lone Wolf Assault Treestand Lone Wolf...
  15. J

    Old lone wolf II hand climber mod?

    I’m just getting into this whole game and saw some vids on DRT climbing... looks awesome for trees with limbs/crotch, but not sure about aspens and such with no limbs. So I figured since I need a platform anyways, I’d get a lone wolf hand climber and use it to climb smooth, limbless aspens and...
  16. Dmeckert18

    Wts NEW lonewolf sticks

    Brand new 4 lonewolf sticks all still in box. I bought 2 boxes on a deal only need 1 so going to sell the other. Asking $120
  17. Dmeckert18

    $100, Wtb....looking for a platform

    Wanting to spend $100. Really just wanting an xop seat or old lonewolf seat to make a platform but willing to look at everything
  18. Murph4028

    How I use a LW Hand Climber video

    I've noticed a lot of questions circulating around the forum about using a hand climber as a climbing method and platform. In this video I address how to use it, how to adjust it, how to secure it as a platform, and a few tricks I utilize with it. This is my first video so I'm sure there is...
  19. Madgrad02

    SOLD - PLEASE CLOSE Leverage Climbing Sticks

    Full length (32") climbing sticks - barely used. Folding double steps that angle out so you get more room for big feet. Lone Wolf versabutton and rope mod (9' of sterling 8mm accessory cord factory cut from R&W Rope) held in place with castration bands. Camo sponge painted. Stack great...
  20. peteherbst

    Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1 w/ extras $160

    Lone wolf alpha Tech F1. Pretty sure they don’t make these anymore. Comes with a muddy bow holder and XOP kidney belt tree stand transport system. I’ll throw in an easy hang hook as well. Comes with two straps, original backpack straps, tree strap, and harness. Seat riser has some scuffs on it...