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  1. Red Beard

    Take it and run with it

    Was looking back through pictures I had taken over the past year and came across an idea I had that subsequently got overcome by... life. You know, the kind of thing that you put down and forget about after you're involved with something else? Anyway, thought I'd share it. Maybe it will spur...
  2. L

    Gear Strap from the Saddle?

    Hey guys, What is everyone using to strap their gear to the tree while in the saddle? I’ve seen the Tethrd HYS, I know Trophyline has one as well; it’s more of a preference than anything though, I believe. Anybody have a DIY strap or Amazon version they run? I know it’s a simple concept, so...
  3. Bowhuntinglady94

    WTS or Trade Menace XL -Price drop

    I have a Tethrd Menace XL saddle for sale. I bought it new last season and used it maybe 10 or so times. I found another saddle that I like better, so I don't need this one any more. Everything is still in great condition. Asking $190tyd OBO or trade. Interested in platforms (more specifically a...
  4. Bondy OutdoorsTV

    using sticks to go up, platform to hunt, but rappel down

    curious if anyone uses climbing sticks to go up a tree, a platform to saddle hunt off of, then uses a rope to rappel on the way down (obviously removing the platform and sticks)? It seems easier than trying to climb down especially with aiders. Faster too possibly? But there is the extra bulk of...
  5. W

    20% OFF Out On A Limb July 1 - 4, 2022

    Out On A Limb MFG 20% OFF sitewide!!!! Coupon Code: IND2022 Sale Dates: July 1 - 4, 2022. 11:59PM CST https://outonalimbmfg.com/
  6. U

    DIY PROJECT: 2 Sit Drag with D rings

    So I've been coming to this forum for a few years now and love it. Finally decided to join! I have 2 sit drags that I am thinking about trying to make into a an Overwatch Transformer type saddle. I have all of the materials (I think) just wondering if anyone has tried or heard of anyone trying...
  7. Bayou chasseur

    Saddle setup- saddle, ropes, ropeman 1, etc.

    Treehopper saddle (double panel saddle) Treehopper screw in paddle - 2 Ropeman 1 - 2 Black diamond carabiner - 2 Tree tether and lineman’s belt with spliced eye Not interested in selling items individually Buyer pays shipping $200
  8. Bigbucker

    Aero Hunter by New Tribe Kite saddle kit.

    This includes Aerohunters Kite size 2 saddle in good shape. Tree tether with carabiner. Linemans belt with attaching carabiners. Bridge rope and carabiner. Two Ropeman 1 Aerohunter back belt. 1 dump pouch. $300 for all of the above. Buyer to pay actual shipping charge with insurance of...
  9. Harleycharlie

    Latitude Method 2 or TX5 Lonestar ????

    I’m in the market for a new saddle. Really like the TX5 but the method 2 has caught my eye. I had a TX5 lined up to buy 2nd hand but I haven’t heard from the guy that has it so I guess he backed out. Idk. Anyway what is everyone’s opinion??? I’m not a fan of mesh saddles only because I’m cold...
  10. SpikeForce1

    SOLD *** WTS Aero Hunter Merlin Sz 2 ****SOLD

    For Sale: Aero Hunter Merlin Size 2 Used around 6 times $180 TYD
  11. L

    New Saddle

    Ok guys, I'm new to saddle hunting. I hunt some public with long walks. I already have hawk mini sticks. So I need a saddle and platform. I'm on a budget so keep that in mind. I'm 5'-7 and 135 lbs. So give me your recommendations.
  12. Bobadefett

    WTS Renegade Saddle Harness

    I added a Hydration Pack which on top of making carrying water easier it added backpack-like straps to make it more comfortable. I also added 2 CREATRILL Tactical Molle Drawstring Magazine Dump Pouches to hold rope. The pouches fit 40ft of rappel rope without issue. I'm a 6'0ft tall fat guy so...
  13. Slicknick630

    I made my own Predator Platform pack!

    So I have always wanted to start making some of my own gear for really anything from hunting to just storing stuff. I have been wanting to get the hys strap and the predator pack but figured why not just try to make it my self with my new sewing machine. Some nylon strap and 600d cordura later...
  14. diuilin

    SOLD Tethrd Phantom -- like new

    This saddle is like new. I bought it last year. I tried it out a few times, then killed a nice buck from it the first time I took my bow into the tree. I wasn't actually hunting, just doing a full dress rehearsal, but the buck showed up for an audition, so I gave him a role in the play. Since...
  15. R

    Singer 4411

    I want to start sewing some projects and maybe a saddle. I’ve got a singer 4411 I was curious if it’s good enough to accomplish this and if I need anything (thread or whatever else) to get started sewing heavy duty stuff?
  16. M

    Rappelling Rope

    What kind of rope does everyone use for single stick climbing and rappelling? Has anyone purchased any from Amazon before?
  17. B

    Damaged my Bridge

    I’ve had my Tethrd menace saddle for a few months, haven’t had a chance to hunt out of it yet obviously, but I set up a practice spot out behind my house. Last year I shot a 9 point from my sons Mantis saddle so I thought I should get my own. Anyways, while practicing I caught my bridge on my...
  18. Blacktail

    Sold please close

    Size 2 Kestrel Flex. Date of manufacture 30 Oct 2019. I replaced the rope bridge with a 15” fixed webbing bridge that I made from material purchased from EWO. I’m selling it because I lost some weight and bought a Size 1 Merlin. $150 TYD lower 48. I can take Paypal and Venmo. Great saddle!
  19. J

    Sz 2 Aero Hunter New Flex Hunting Saddle and back band 280

    Size 2 solid grey Aero Hunter New Flex Hunting Saddle and back band for sale $280. New. I tried in back yard and decided to go with another brand. Shipping included.
  20. Jaeckthesnake

    DIY Parachute Saddle and Pouches

    Finally getting around to busting out the sewing machine for some DIY ideas I’ve had during the season. Was going to make a DIY saddle using some webbing and mesh, but I have a few destroyed parachutes laying around I’ve been wondering what to do with, so I put some into a saddle panel and a...