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Recent content by Lineman72

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    Trad bow and EZV sight

    I’m a total traditional shooter with my stick bows and my wheel bow I use an ezv. I like them both. I also have a single pin sight for my other wheel bow. I prefer the ezv for Hunting applications.
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    Let's talk EDC knives

    Had the same knife. Same experience. But man that curved blade was a pain to sharpen
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    Nutterbuster and Scooby-Doo

    Crosstrek has adjustable steering wheel, but that being said my friend was 6’1 and 280. He felt cramped. I know the forester has a bigger footprint.
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    South Jersey saddle hunters

    Burlington county here
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    Nutterbuster and Scooby-Doo

    What’s nice about these tires is that I didn’t have to change the rims. There’s no road noise difference. I’ve been very happy with them. They’re also rated for snow when you don’t need to have chains. When I would pheasant hunt and where it gets muddy I’ve had no issues. Good luck with whatever...
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    Nutterbuster and Scooby-Doo

    Nutter. I have an 2018 cross trek. Love this little beast. Got different tires. Went with falken wildpeak A/T 255/60r17. No noise. Quiet. And very stable. And the 2” receiver I got from etrailer. Couldn’t be happier bro. This car has taken my family from jersey to Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia...
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    What saddle do you have n why

    Maybe a suggestion is to let people know where your live. Then maybe meet and see if you like the saddle. some saddle makers have a try before you buy, or a 30 day return policy.
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    Wearing a back band

    I have lower back issues. Herniated disks and what not. Just got a new tactisaddle with a double back band built in. When I’m tethered in I get a lot of relief. Tried my friends phantom saddle. It was nice. But not the same. Then tried it with his back band. That helped. But it wasn’t the same...
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    Sticks and Aiders - Use Both or Just sticks?

    With your one stick what aider are you using?
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    John Tucker’s new 2021 ADAPT Tactisaddle with double back bend

    189.99 https://tactisaddle.com/index.php/tactisaddle-original/
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    John Tucker’s new 2021 ADAPT Tactisaddle with double back bend

    Thank you. Lol, sorry that slipped. Tried to be pc nowadays is tough. I sat in the saddle a total of 4 hours. 2 each day before we got hammered with the snow in the north east. The webbing did not dig in to me at all. I thought I’d feel my butt checks slipping between the webbing but I didn’t...
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    John Tucker’s new 2021 ADAPT Tactisaddle with double back bend

    Recently received a new 2021 tactisaddle from john. The is my first saddle. I have limited experience with saddles. Here is a pic here is a link to a quick YouTube video that I just did.
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    Picked this new to me pika

    Great little shooting bow. Enjoy and good luck!