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Recent content by Tbird

  1. Tbird

    TEAM 16 Thread 2019

    Was that out of saddle? Any pics with saddle? Nice buck
  2. Tbird

    TEAM 16 Thread 2019

    Thanks couldn’t figure out how to get the list over and tag anyone. This actually 4th yr in saddle but 1st in contest. Have been scouting some with cams out but haven’t checked yet
  3. Tbird

    TEAM 16 Thread 2019

    Alright 16 where you guys at and when do you start? I’m in NE Mississippi and kick off on the 1st
  4. Tbird

    2019/2020 New User Contest Entry

    I’m in
  5. Tbird

    Top 5 best/worst gear purchases

    Best 1Thread injectors- have build 3 saddles, tipi, tut, and a pack 2 kifaru packs 3 predator platform- went diy 1st and worked but predator is simpler and faster 4 limb driver rest-hamskea 5 Hoyt carbon bows are my jam 6 Lowa Tibet boots 7 onxmaps 8 Sitka clothing. -shacket, fantatic hoody and...
  6. Tbird

    Poll: Your Favorite Camo Pattern

    Asat for ground, stika or natural gear for tree
  7. Tbird

    Hunting arrow weight for compound bow shooters

    570 gr total for setup. Have Easton axis 260 with 75 brass and 100 grain head. Still getting 277fps. I run a single pin and shot 10-40 without moving. Thing I like most is how quiet my bow is. I think a lot of times deer reaction not only to the sound of the bow but also the sound of arrows as...
  8. Tbird

    Who here has killed an elk?

    I’ve been Elk hunting 5 times and killed 3 bulls. There is no substitute for cardio. My 1st trip I was 235 right out of college and jacked-7000 ft in NM I thought I was gonna die. Last trip last year to wyoming at 9500 I was 190 super lean and felt good. I’m a flat lander from ms so will take...
  9. Tbird

    Out of state hunts 2019

    Mississippi (home) Tennessee (15 min ride) Kansas (Rut) Missouri (late season)
  10. Tbird

    What gun do you hunt with?

    7mm, 300blkout or 35 whelen
  11. Tbird

    What bow are you hunting with this year?

    Carbon spyder 34
  12. Tbird

    New boots

    Have worn danner 453 hikers for years and never had a leak. The all leather version and treat with nik wax. Just wished they were 4 inch taller
  13. Tbird

    Milkweed in MS

    I don’t think we’ll have exactly the same type as up north but simplistic stuff. I’ve tried to plant the seeds but never got the to sprout.
  14. Tbird

    Milkweed in MS

    I found it once couple of year ago but only after pods had opened and floating around. Pure accident. Still looking