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Public land trail cameras


Active Member
Dec 31, 2018
I think everyone should show your stuff you paid the money for and you put the effort into setting with respect. If you didnt pay for it or set it leave it alone. I've had stuff stole and it's made me so upset I would be scared of what I would do to someone if I caught them when I have a weapon(always have pistol or bow), bc I am not that type of person.

boyne bowhunter

Staff member
SH Member
Aug 17, 2016
If I see a camera on public land before I walk in front of it and I'm interested in checking out what its pointing at, I typically just hang my hat over it while I look around. That keeps my image off the card and hopefully doesn't get anyone fired up that I was interloping on "their" setup. Its a harmless way to avoid getting my image captured. That said, that's as much interaction as I'll have with anyone else's property of value left on public land. That excludes "lost" flagging tape and other forms of trash (i.e. candy wrappers, beer cans, various drink bottles, etc.) left strewn through the woods.